Introductions & Inspirations

Introductions & Inspirations

      Hey everyone first off my name is Katie. You will have to bear with me cause this is my first writing a blog haha people skills I know. I want to give everyone a warm welcome to my art shop. Where you can find my impressionism artwork, Cartoon artwork and my photography. I'm trying the best I can to get everything uploaded while juggling my busy schedule of art shows, making new art, updating social media and printing new pieces.

      Today I thought I'd share some inspirations that inspire me. My biggest inspiration is my bunnies. My current bunny's name is Mooncake. She is so pure of heart a happy friendly loving creature who is also quite an athlete. Bunnies just seem to have such an upbeat unconditional loving energy that feeds my soul and inspires me to do art. I'm sure most of you already guessed this though by my shop name and abundance of bunny art I post and sell.

      Another great inspiration I have is simply from the amazing world around. As odd as it may sounds I enjoy observing people and imagining them in cartoon form. This also heavily applies to animals and pets haha so don't worry its not just you. I have always found 90's cartoon brought a humor into the world and joy into my life even when I felt like crying. I feel cartoons bring a light into life even in dark times and laughter is truly important.

 Being in Nature is also a huge inspiration for me being out there in the open world around animals. It just feels so calming to be hiking in the wilderness exploring new places observing the wildlife. I greatly enjoy visiting the Toronto zoo as well to observe photographing animals.

 Finally my family is definitely my biggest inspiration to keep me motivated and going in life. It's hard to even put into words how family can help you achieve things you thought never possible with their love and support. I am almost always visiting my family on a monthly basis.

If your still with me here after my long blog here are some fun photos below