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Traditional dry pastel commissions

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  • sizes I offer 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 20x24 (all standard frame sizes so easy to frame after for you)
  • Am open to doing any subject in impressionism style apart from people
  • Popular asks I get are pet portraits, Flowers, field landscapes 
  • I use premium high quality pastel surface paper

Comes unframed shipped in protective glassine


  • if your ordering a specific landscape based on a photo of yours or pet portrait I require you to email a reference shot.
  • Required to send a detailed description of what you would any colour preferences or background or element preferences so I can give you the best art
  • pastel commissions can take 1-3 weeks
  • Will email you after you order for open communication progress shots and any changes you would like

Additional framing information:

if you choose to frame this piece it must be framed on matte with double spacer so it does not touch the glass as pastel will smudge the glass if not properly framed